Dive into the wonders of Christmas Island with us!

Experience the beauty of this remarkable underwater world with the most experienced diving company on Christmas Island. We are a family-owned local business. We have a maximum of 6 divers on-board to keep our service exclusive and to have minimal wildlife impact.

Explore the underwater world of Christmas Island

Experience the thrill of diving and snorkeling in the serene waters of the Indian Ocean with us. Discover vibrant tropical coral reefs and witness the dramatic drop-off that plunges into the abyss.

At Wet n Dry Adventures,’ we’ve been passionately operating as a small family business since 1994 and we love to spoil our divers. That is why we have a maximum of 6 divers on-board. Smaller numbers means we can keep our service exclusive and keep our impact on the wildlife minimal. This is good news for photographers too, as there are less legs and bubbles in your viewfinder!

Our philosophy is to embrace the currents and create unforgettable drift dives, allowing you to effortlessly explore the underwater wonders. Relax and let your cares float away, knowing that our boat patiently awaits your resurfacing. Immerse yourself in the essence of our small business as we expertly guide you through the breathtaking beauty of this extraordinary destination.

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